Aikido (im)possible – How to live Martial Arts

It is finally available (for example on Amazon) the new book “Aikido (im)possible – How to live the Martial Arts”.

In this volume I tried to describe those actions, those emotions and those decisions that  every one of us lives every day, walking along his or her own path.

I wanted to break this description into chapters that take their title from actions that are vecommon to to all those who practice a martial discipline. And that make this route possible, despite everything, despite everyone and despite ourselves.

From preparing the bag to “going towards”, whether it is the place in which we train or the mates; from the greeting to the shower and finally to coming back home.

Experiences that we all share and that unite us: beginners or experts, teachers or students, practitioners and non-practitioners.

A cross-section of the existence that we all live, written during the afternoons of a summer full of personal changes and new perspectives arising.

An extra perspective on this incredible journey that is life, which is the passion that unites us in a discipline and that I offer with gratitude to those who accompany me every day to new experiences.

Without the presumption of teaching anything to anyone. If, at the end, even one reader will recognize himself in these pages, this will simply confirm that we are all traveling companions.

Enjoy the reading,


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