Lined up and ready to fly

Our eyes have always greeted the arrival of spring following the flight of the first swallows.

Just as the end of summer is announced by their meeting on the power lines. Before the long flight that will literally take them back to the other side of the world, to southern Africa.

In their behavior, made of frantic flights, large groupings, order and confusion at the same time, we can find a lot of our mood.

A new year of activity will begin in a few weeks. Like these small, delightful creatures, we too mark the sky of our lives and we too, before an important journey, line up: our thoughts, our mind. We gather somewhere with someone.

Lined up and ready to fly.

And then everyone will fly, everyone at his/her best. Together. Supported by the certainty that our route has a well known starting point as well as it is the destination. That no goodbye is forever.

Knowing that within our greeting, within recognizing ourselves, in a row, all united by the same search for completeness and happiness, there is recognition and gratitude for how much we experience and how much we can express. We can say thanks to the journey that has been and to what will be.

The unpredictable freedom of a swallow’s trajectory comes from the order of their meeting to fly together, under a sky that becomes a friend and not a limit.

Good preparation for the new flight!

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