“Black Friday”. Five Aikido giveaways you cannot miss.

Today, November 25, is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”. However, it would seem that today’s celebration is rather “Black Friday”, to which, according to data, everyone sacrifices over 200€ on this day

Reflecting on the coincidence of the two dates could be interesting. It might make us wonder what the collective hierarchy of values ​​is. We leave this point open, also because it is not our intention to criminalize Black Friday.

Most people use these days to buy gifts, taking advantage of the convenience. There is beauty and feeling in that. The pleasure of making another person happy.

Now let’s try to please ourselves.

So let’s take advantage of the spirit of Black Friday so as not to miss (at least) five unmissable advantages that Aikido can bring us. And without us melting the credit card!

Let’s take a look at what they are, making a parallel with the most popular categories on Amazon for fun.

First: Basics. Practicing Aikido allows you to understand the basics. Basics of the functioning of our body. Basics of the functioning of the joints. Basics of the functioning of emotion and relationships. Basics of adaptive and reactive stress dynamics.

It’s a deal. And it is not that sure that in another combat sport or in other activities it will be possible to do the same, especially if the ultimate goal is to automate movements in order to be able to win medals in a competition.

Second: Health and home care. Exercising is good for you. Doing psychophysical activity is even better. And if you attend a Dojo with a little continuity, you learn to keep the common environment clean. It often happens that at the Dojo some boys start to do “housework” that they were not used to doing at home. Take two and you don’t pay for one: you take care of yourself and you even become capable of keeping the Dojo clean!

Third: Gift Cards. Giving yourself time to yourself makes us better. It’s a good gift to give yourself good gifts. If we practice for a while, others around us will also notice.

Fourth: Electronics. Compared to when there was no Internet, now the network is full of interesting contributions to continue training even outside the Dojo. This is also Aikido.

Fifth: Cars and Motorcycles. When you start practicing Aikido, it takes so little time and you find yourself having the pleasure of participating in some seminars or simply sharing time with new friends even outside of training schedule. You discover new places, new faces, often sharing the car and travel costs. Join AIkido and you’ll see the world! (Without needing to enlist you).

Take advantage of the offer: with Aikido it’s always Black Friday and it’s only you who earns.

Disclaimer: Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 from Unsplash

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