The ikigai paradigm in Aikido

One of the many aspects that has a deep impact on those who visit Japan is seeing so many elderly people busy in the most disparate activities. Someone supervises an intersection to ensure the safety of children crossing. Some other sweeps off the leaves on the square in front of a temple. Other people dedicate […]

Aikido and nutrition: the words of the experts

This week we host a contribution from Dr. Alice Viani, Dietitian and specialist in Sports Nutrition. In her job, she deals with nutrition, especially in combat sports, evaluating not only the aspect of weight control, but also the psychological impacts. Athletes are followed on their path towards a healthy and correct diet where a balanced diet becomes an […]

Stress as ally: supercompensation in Aikido

WHO guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior recommend at least 150 to 300 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity. On average, an Aikido practitioner attends a class two, three times a week and therefore WHO can be satisfied… Yet obviously the point is another: How can we ensure that every keiko, every training […]

Is Aikido not interesting? The reasons of tradition

We frequently come across articles, essays, conferences and studies that more or less contain the sentence: “What future for…” to which must be added the topic on which we are debating, in a more or less worried way. It is therefore normal that this also happens for martial disciplines and therefore also for Aikido. Don’t […]

You are hurting me. You’re hurting yourself.

Over the last two decades, every year a world-famous teacher held a seminar in our town. For the event, practitioners arrived from many countries. One of these gave us the gift of his patience, dedicating himself to us, who came from different technical backgrounds, hence allowing us to decode teacher’s didactic proposal. Having become friends […]

Between the already and not yet: approaching a test

When we began practicing Aikido, we received a copy of the technical program from our teacher. The peculiarity consisted in the fact that, for each rank, an indication was given about the methodology of the test. We started from these indications for the first fifth kyu test: There is no real chance of failing the […]