Fear of missing out (FoMO) and the practice of a discipline

Have you ever picked up your smartphone to check for messages and updates even if you hadn’t received any notification with its sound? Have you ever opened your messaging apps to check if your message has been read? Finding yourself in the office, at home, in the car, traveling, on holidays, scrolling your finger for […]

“One centimeter game”: Miles Kessler and a mindful practice

This year we had again the privilege of participating in an Aikido seminar led by Miles Kessler Sensei, in the splendid environment of the Aiki no Kokoro in Boves (Cuneo, Italy). A total experience, from every point of view. It was also the first time in all these years that a training session was dedicated […]

Stop playing games in order to really have fun: Aikido beyond conventions

Playing games and having fun are two pillars of the common experience of human being. Almost sixty years after the publication of “Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships”, we believe it is important to reflect again on the affinities between the practice of Aikido and transactional analysis. The theories originated by Eric Berne’s […]

心 non solo cuore

Grazie all’opera “Capire i Kanji” di Riccardo Gabarrini e Aki Kaku, è possibile scoprire l’evoluzione grafica che nei secoli ha portato all’odierno kanji di cuore “心”.Da un disegno di cuore molto simile al nostro simbolo moderno si è passati ad una forma con delle linee per distinguere i due atri del cuore con due gocce […]

“They are all…Perfect”. Learning Martial Arts from hanami

The arrival of spring in Japan is celebrated with hanami (花見). The rebirth of nature, with the arrival of colors on the still bare branches, amazes everyone; in Japanese sensitivity and culture, spring triggers a social phenomenon in which a people recognizes themselves in contemplating the beauty of nature together. There are real forecasts, like […]

“Chotto matte kudasai” – The value of waiting

“Matteeeeeeeeeee….” “Yameeeeeeeee…..” A few months of attendance at a course of a Japanese martial discipline leads you to familiarize with different oriental terms. Perhaps their meaning is not explained, yet after a few weeks the meaning is understood, on average. So when the Sensei says “matte” (with many “e” or not depending on the mood…), […]

Iriminage san nen: how long does it take to really master iriminage?

Among Aikido communities, the phrase attributed to Morihei Ueshiba is known: 一教 一生 入り身 投げ 三年, ikkyo issho, irimi nage san nen: ikkyo for life, iriminage for three years. Let’s take the Japanese text of the quote. Let’s copy it into an online search engine and we will discover that there is not a single […]

In the emptiness of Christmas the fullness of an encounter

You say “Christmas” and the mind goes to childhood. To your amazement in front of a crib. Gazing at the Christmas tree’s lights. To the warmth of a grandparent’s caress. To the joy of unwrapping a gift. Serene sensations that warm the heart with that little tenderness that slowly rootrd in us. You say “Christmas” […]