“Let us leave the sky to the sparrows and let’s…”

“…stay grounded” . It was the year 1990 and with this sentence, a famous Italian singer, Vasco Rossi opened his concert in Milan. In the practice of Aikido, we often meet two dual perspectives. On the one hand, those who experience discipline from a strictly material point of view. Techniques are investigated, effectiveness is sought, […]

However, there are also many humans who are not alive…

If the partner gets stuck, everyone usually insists on pushing and pressing on the point of contact. Instead, I relax the point and change direction. At that point, if my mate is a living human, he will start moving However, there are also many humans who are not alive. Two years ago, just before everything […]

Haiku at the Park, the sword in the sheath has no enemy. Chronicles of an Enbukai

On June, 6th, the Intercultural Association Italy-Japan Sakura organized the event “Haiku Open Air “. In the gorgeous garden of the Parco della Tesoriera in Turin, participants enjoyed the beauty, depth and distinctive features of Japanese poetry, then trying to write some haiku, in Italian and Japanese. The Sakura Association is the institution where we […]

Starting it again. The contribution of Psychology

As spring gives us brighter days, it also brings us the first evidences of gradual reopening. In June we will be allowed to start again indoor training, in compliance with safety protocols. We think it’s appropriate to approach this phase by taking advantage of the reflections of experts who offer us perspectives of interpretation of […]

Hybridization of the Elements in Martial Arts

One of the points of contact and comparison between Western and Eastern thought is offered by investigating founding elements of nature. In our area, since ancient times, air, water, earth and fire have been considered the elements whose combinations build up what exists in nature. Over time, the systematized study of nature (Physics) and its […]