Returning to what kind of normality?

Let’s take a bicycle pump and start to inflate a tire. After a while, we will struggle to compress the piston. In addition, we will begin to feel heat coming from the pump.

From Nature, we always learn many things. In this case by the laws of gas. Pressure and temperature are linearly related to each other. Just increase the first and  the second will follow. Pressure and volume are connected in an inversely proportional way. The pressure increases, the gas becomes more dense…

The news from the past few weeks is likely to be similar to the news from the next months. A long litany of collective anxieties transformed into alarmism, into chronicles of racism, into political fights, into horrible news stories in which a thousand premises must be made in deference to politically correct.

We all have a desire to return to normality.


Nature in which we live, which is made to always seek a dynamic balance, tells us that…

If the space (volume) of individual freedoms increases, either the pressure (of responsibilities) or temperature (of relationships) must vary.
If the pressure of responsibilities increases, the space of individual freedoms is compressed and we are forced to have interactions in which we can burn yourself.
… And if the relationships become incandescent, the pressure skyrockets.
We state it again: Nature seeks a dynamic balance. Stasis, like rigidity, is death. So thinking of having a little peace is more than legitimate but it is a transitory peace, like all states of nature.

Simply, normality does not exist. It is a statistical concept. An ideal that you can chase your whole life without ever realizing it. Simply because the variables involved are always out of your span of control. So are people and their stories.

So? Do we have to resign ourselves to the insane and schizophrenic chronicle?

Rather, we need to get to know each other. To gain direct experience of the principles underlying our functioning. Which, it is no coincidence, are the same that regulate the functioning of Nature.

The news is telling us perhaps who we are: people in a condition of extreme imbalance who find themselves weak, without goals, without hopes, based on the manifestation of a variable (yet another) out of control.

So if these schizoid behaviors (as individuals and as society) are the visible part of a process of rebalancing and greater awareness, they are welcome.

If instead, as individuals and as society, we accept to be inert spectators of all this… Well, then once again we will build our destiny with our choices … not to choose.

Never as in these days, for us, the practice at the Dojo has been important. Because only by having a laboratory in which to study what happens when a factor changes, it is possible to decode the largest laboratory called life.

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