What if IOC erases Karate…

In these days the International Olympic Committee has decided that, starting from the 2024 Olympics, Karate will give way to the new incoming: Break-dance. The news can be an useful a stimulus for reflection, especially if made from the perspective of those who practice a martial art without competitions and competitions as Aikido is. The […]

You cannot lock the Sun in a room: the concept of “ma” (space)

All martial arts and all combat systems accurately study the concepts of distance and space. Just as we did for kuzushi (unbalancing), also in this case, we start from the Japanese ideogram “ma”, 間. In this kanji its two components can be identified: in the center, enclosed by the stylization of a door (門, kado), […]

Kuzushi: illusions crumble, certainties rise

In Martial Arts, we soon become familiar with the principle of kuzushi (崩 し). It is a term that we may translate  with “imbalance“. Yet the verb from which it derives, kuzureru, has a deeper semantics: collapse, crumble, demolish … An interesting etymological work by Noriko Williams helps us to understand the birth of the […]

Martial Arts and Politics…The strange couple

According to etiquette, politics should never be discussed when sharing time at lunch. Probably politics should never be discussed anywhere else. We have all been witnesses, at least once in a life, of situations degenerating because someone, at some point, had the bright idea of ​​speaking about that topic. However, it seems useful to share […]

Gender equality on the mat

Recently an online petition has sparked a long series of controversies within the United States Aikido Federation. A group of women, all aikidoka, sent a formal request to the US federation to address, discuss and resolve some controversial points related to the world of gender-related issues. These five requests (a task force on gender equality, […]

Quando l’ordinario incontra lo straordinario: la musica di aun no kokyu (阿 吽 の 呼吸)

In Giappone c’è un modo di dire, aun no kokyu (阿 吽 の 呼吸), che è usato quando si vuole descrivere un livello di armonia praticamente perfetto. Ad esempio, quando si ascolta un brano suonato da un’orchestra in cui tutti i musicisti sembrano legati da un’alchimia che li fa suonare all’unisono, come un solo corpo. […]

Doping, Aikido and riding the bench

This is a post that contains some thoughts which originate from three, simultaneous, events: I’ve got flu and the MD gave me some medicines labeled as doping As other martial artists enrolled in the Italian Federation I have a license that has a page in which you can mark the anti-doping controls, which is mandatory for […]