Little new habits for great results in a week

Those who argue that great initiatives are needed to make great revolutions probably do not know much about Nature. A cell of yeast is about 2,400 times smaller than the thickness of a hair, yet it transforms the flour so we obtain bread. A virus is three times the size of a yeast, yet it wasn’t a meteor which caused the revolution we live in but a very tiny thing- supported by the global reaction to it.

It’s the little detail that makes the difference. Small changes in route when exiting a port determine the destination of the ship. Small additions of color totally change the atmosphere of a painting.

Small habits are the sure seed for great results. Here are some tips you can try by starting with a different daily target, then increasing the challenge.

ONE – In one of your meals, pay attention to the food you are about to eat. Take it in your hand, touch it, feel the tactile reaction between your fingers. Describe its characteristics: the woodiness of a shell, the smoothness of a peel, the friability of a food… Observe its shape, color, if its shape and size is regular or not. Bring it close to your nostrils, feel the notes. Holding it in your hand, bring it close to your ears, to hear its sound when it is held between your fingers. Take the time to make your food your own before even ingesting it. Finally, taste it, feeling the tactile reactions while chewing: the bite is juicy, fibrous, dry, sweet, salty… Enjoy your meal!

TWO – During one of your meals, switch off your mobile phone. If you are already used to doing so, you are ready for the next level: an hour of cell phone off in the day. Unless you need to be available to go for heart surgery, you will see that the world will go on anyway! If you think you aren’t addicted to your phone, download an app measuring the time you spend with your digital friend or learn how to know that if you are an Apple fan.

THREE – Since we still have to go around with masks on for a while, let your eyes speak for yourself. Look for eye contact with whoever you meet and smile! Maybe some will think you are crazy but most of them will color your day.

FOURDo an act of kindness to yourself. Any. It could be allowing yourself to go to sleep a little earlier to linger a little longer in bed upon awakening; taking care of your body; not ignoring that muscle fatigue; increasing the quality of training. If you don’t take care of yourself, who should do it for you?

FIVEDo an act of kindness to another person. Little things, starting with the old, thoughtful recommendations of grandmothers and mothers: “greet people”. Be careful! There is always a subtle yet huge difference between being kind and being manipulative. Better not forget it, because otherwise, you will end up in big troubles.

SIX Do an act of kindness towards creation. If you have plants or animals you already know. Throw away an abandoned waste, put some water and feed for the birds to feed themselves… Unleash your the imagination!

SEVENFrom virtual to real: plan to meet someone you haven’t heard of lately or who only “meet” through the media. We are made for relationships!

Let us know how your week has changed, keep training!

Disclaimer: Picture by Nita from Pexels

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