Tra il già e il non ancora: approcciarsi a un esame

Quando abbiamo iniziato la pratica dell’Aikido, abbiamo ricevuto dal nostro maestro una copia del programma tecnico. La particolarità consisteva nel fatto che, per ogni grado, veniva data un’indicazione sulla modalità d’esame. Si partiva da queste indicazioni per il primo esame da quinto kyu: Non esiste una reale possibilità di essere respinti al test.L’insegnante comunicherà al […]

Between the already and not yet: approaching a test

When we began practicing Aikido, we received a copy of the technical program from our teacher. The peculiarity consisted in the fact that, for each rank, an indication was given about the methodology of the test. We started from these indications for the first fifth kyu test: There is no real chance of failing the […]

Time lost, time found. In search of lost test.

Every year, more or less during these weeks, our community experiences one of its most important moments, the Evolutionary Seminar. Our Dojo is in fact part of an international community, led by Patrick Cassidy Sensei, who through the stage he holds, offers nurturing ideas and very dense work trajectories to be further investigated. These are […]