(Just like) Starting Over

Starting over is not just merely the title nor the topic of many songs and poems. It is something deeply related to our inner nature. Despite the fact we all live immersed in “success-oriented” culture, which has no room for failure, sooner or later, we all experience falling.

For years, in our jobs, we served clients in their professional and personal journey. From the enthusiasm of the very beginning, through the complexity of the challenges of their lives and jobs, up to some critical points and issues they have to deal with.
In that critical point, you experience the possibility to be overwhelmed by problems -and that’s the reason why a supporting network of friends and professionals may help- and to start over.

Starting over is an attitude that can be discovered, trained and further developed. How?
Practicing a martial discipline and getting our body used  (and its inner content) to fall and rise, fall and rise, helps a lot, especially in considering that rising is an option -better: a decision- that we, not others, can make.


Disclaimer Photo by Cupcake Media on Unsplash

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